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Changing how properties are viewed today

We've all been there. You've taken time off work, travelled for a while to see a property that's just not right.
With our remote viewing technology, you can view one or more properties instantly, while being guided by an agent.

At Smart Viewing, we believe there is a better way of finding the home that is right for you - without the extra hassle.

Homeseekers, find your dream home from the comfort of the sofa

View properties and refine your list before checking them out in person.

Agents, show more properties and move them faster

Show more properties with one click, without having to physically move from property to property.

How Smart Viewing works

Step 1

Home-seekers and agents
get in touch

Step 2

Date and time is chosen,
or have an instant viewing

Step 3

Receive an invite
to join Smart viewing

Step 4

Ask your agent
for a physical viewing

A sustainable way of viewing properties

Less travel

Smart Viewing helps estate agents and homeseekers avoid having to take private transport to viewings that end up being unsuccessful for each other.

Reducing emissions

Since we started we’ve saved 312,000 kg of CO2 emission to be released in the atmosphere, that corresponds to the carbon footprint of 300 return flights between London and New York.

Measuring our impact

Try our scale to see how we are trying to help the climate emergency:

- +

Number of Smart Viewings will result in preventing kg of CO2 being released in the atmosphere, that corresponds to the carbon footprint of cups of coffee.*

Each cup of coffee represents the carbon footprint required to create a single cup: from plantation, harvest, transport, roasting, energy used to boil water, etc.

What some of our customers are saying

"Thank you for carrying out the Smart Viewing with me this evening, I think this was a great way to give me an idea of the shape and size of the property and for you to get an idea of my requirements on terms of real property, saves a lot of time in the long run!"
Sales Applicant -  Auction House
"I loved the viewing! It is especially helpful for me since I am overseas and cannot physically view the apartment. The software was amazing and reassured me that the property is what is advertised in the photos - actually it was even better! Thank you again! "
Lettings Applicant - UrbanSpaces
"We had a Smart Viewing on Monday followed by a physical viewing yesterday and are now in receipt of an offer which is higher that what was previously achieved. The gentlemen is also going to letting through us"
Branch Manager - Romans & Leaders Group
"Really useful, a great addition to the branch. We get involved in a lot of different pilots but we definitely want this to stay"
Branch Manager - Romans & Leaders Group
"Of the 13 properties they have been doing Smart Viewings on, 3 of them have let, all to someone who originally Smart Viewed the property."
Branch Manager - LSL
"It’s been really helpful to be able to show an applicant 4 properties on Smart Viewing so that they can decide which 1 or 2 they want to view, it’s saved us loads of time."
Branch Manager - Brown&Co
"The Smart Viewing platform is perfectly aligned to our business model as it enables us to deliver frictionless customer experiences for people looking to buy or rent a property in London from anywhere in the world. We have seen particular success with overseas clients in rental markets and are confident that approximately 50% of our rental properties will be let agreed from a smart viewing next year. The guys at Vieweet are fantastic, sharing our ambitions for industry level transformation and delivery of outstanding customer experiences."
(Former) Group Head of Innovation  - Countrywide
"Around half of the Smart Viewings are turning into physical viewings – we’ve qualified applicants, meaning that out of the 37 Smart Viewings, it’s saved the branches going to 19 viewings that would have otherwise come to nothing – say a physical viewing takes 50 minutes, this has saved them 16 hours!"
Branch Manager - LSL
“Just listened in and watched my 1st live smart viewing. Established very quickly it was not for him so saved us and client at least an hour. Need to get more stock on with smart viewing to be able to offer alternative.”
Area Director - Your Move & Reeds Rains

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