Showing properties made simple

Smart Viewing is an online platform that allows you to show properties remotely.

Why use Smart Viewing

Less travel, more properties

Meet with applicants instantly. Show more properties without travel time, and close more deals with fewer in-person viewings.

Qualify applicants online

Qualify applicants right away by filtering them more efficiently. 

Win more instructions

Don’t frustrate owners with irrelevant viewings, show the property more often online

Gain market share

Increase coverage and protect your market share over a wider area.


Realtime analytics

Detailed analytics and insights on all your Smart Viewings

Multiple people in one viewing

Conduct one-on-one or one-to-many Smart Viewings with potential applicants

No integration needed

Our platform is accessible anytime via any web browser from any device

Plug-and-Play with our API

API available for CRM integration

An end-to-end solution

We provide a full turnkey solution thanks to our partnership with Focalagent and Zoopla
Focal Agent
The UK leader in residential property marketing. Offering a turnkey solution from photos collection to Smart Viewing platform usage
Every Zoopla’s client has the option to add a call-to-action on Zoopla to allow applicants to request a Smart Viewing

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