Compatibility and equipment

Smart Viewing is compatible with all major browsers. Google Chrome,  Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

At the moment, we do not support Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer.

Smart Viewing is compatible on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Devices should be internet enabled. Ideally, with web-camera and microphone functionality as well.

In our experience, different estate agencies have different settings.

To check the network, tap the following link(compatible with Chrome only):

In case of warnings, allows the following TCP and UDP:

A. Smart Viewing with sound only or sound & video
Video communication
Allow TCP + UDP 3478 to and
Allow UDP from 10000 to 65535 to and

Web communication
Allow TCP 443 to our websites

The current bandwidth use per Smart Viewing are as follow:

A. Smart Viewing with sound only or sound and video
Tour navigation: < 1KB/s
Video size is 320px at 15 frames/sec
Audio stream: 35 kb/s => 5KB/s
Video stream: 500 kb/s => 63 KB/s
Total bandwidth per user: 68KB/s (agent or applicant)
B. Smart Viewing without sound/video
Tour navigation: < 1KB/s)
Total bandwidth per user: <1KB/s (agent or applicant)

VP8, H.264, H.263, AMR, OPUS, Speex, G.711